-“It seems to me that paper is undervalued. We consume it and dispose it with scandalous ease… but we have forgotten that behind its apparent simplicity, it hides the soul of nature.”-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Tania Póo.

Photo by @tuff_labs 


Tania Póo is an artist specialized in paper sculpting. She is currently based in Los Angeles, California, and originally is from Mexico City, where she obtained an Architecture Degree at the Universidad iberoamericana (IBERO).

Thanks to her professional approach with paper during her studies and experience in making architectural models, she acquired skills with this material for over 10 years and developed various techniques to sculpt it. Making it her ideal medium, despite of being an unusual material for sculptors.

As a daughter of diving instructors and the relative of a zoo worker, she was in close contact with the ocean and various wild animals, thus developing her interest and love for nature, which would clearly become her main source of inspiration.

Each one of her works, regardless of the scale, has a very intricate and meticulous creation process which takes long hours of work and patience. Starting with an intense study of the volumetry and detailed elements, the artist then traces, cuts, molds and seamlessly layers hundreds of individual scales and other different parts, to later on, apply various painting techniques that will give shape, color and life to her creations.

Her Art is a tribute to nature through paper and her wonderful creative ability.